A journey of a thousand miles begins with but a single post

Got the first two rather weak puns out of the way; now for the first post.

My brother (John) and me (Paul) have decided to put our constant moaning, complaining and miscellaneous reviewing onto the internet for all the world to see; because our opinions are so very accurate, well argued and valuable.

In this blog we will be reviewing anything we can be bothered to review, including films, television, books, sports and video games; basically the distractions and hobbies we occupy our time with, to avoid leaving the house. Why are we doing this you may ask? Why not, would be our answer. If Joey Essex is paid to give an opinion on things he knows nothing about (and I think we can safely say there’s no subject known to humankind on which he’s able to provide any useful insights) then I think we can write a blog offering our opinions, without too much hesitation.

I (Paul – the more talented one) will be starting by watching and reviewing the top 250 films on IMDb as of 9/06/2015, to get a real idea of just what all the buzz is about. John will begin by reviewing a random assortment of PS3 games with no overarching theme, until such times as he buys a PS4 and can start waffling on about more recent titles.

So, for you film buffs and game nerds out there on the net, please read and comment with your own opinions.


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