Jurassic World (2015)


Well, after 10 years in development hell, Jurassic World is finally open to the public; and it’s already breaking records.

The 4th film in the Jurassic Park series, Jurassic World returns to its original beginnings in Costa Rica and the fictional island Isla Nublar. Having not learned from past mistakes, a new park full of cloned dinosaurs (that will certainly remain contained throughout the film) has been opened and is a huge success.

However to ensure public interest remains undiminished, a new ‘attraction’ is being created; a genetically modified dinosaur named Indominus Rex, which has been created using the DNA of a variety of dinosaurs, frogs and fish.

Cue the entrance of two young lads to Jurassic World, played by the less than charismatic Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins. In a shocking turn of events, the Indominus Rex gets out and all hell breaks loose (the health and safety department must be livid).

Though as my review thus far will show, I went in to see the film in a rather sceptical frame of mind. However, I have to say, the first hour or so of the film was extremely enjoyable. Joking aside, the foreshadowing of the Indominus Rex and its inevitable escape was executed brilliantly, whilst the theme park itself was brought to life in vivid detail during the opening scenes. Indeed the sense of magic and wonder inspired by the first film was captured impressively.

And then things got a little silly.

Roughly half-way through, and especially towards the end, the writers decided to give up on maintaining an actual plot, deciding instead to focus on displaying amazing CGI effects; culminating in a ridiculous battle between the Indominus Rex, a T-Rex, and a raptor. It was such a shame after such a strong beginning; the film essentially became a bigger budget Japanese Kaiju film, wherein giant monsters fight each other for no adequately explored reason.

They also decided to give the dinosaurs human characteristics, for example there’s one scene in which there appears to be a show of mutual respect between the T-Rex and the raptor, which really stretched my suspension of disbelief to its limits.

Chris Pratt, as the action hero Owen Grady, was okay but certainly not memorable, to such a degree that, at the end of the film, I had to ask my friend what his character’s name actually was. His chemistry with Bryce Dallas Howard was adequate, but their relationship felt a little flat throughout, seeming more like a concept added to the story by committee, rather than something integral to the story.

The best character, in my opinion, was Jake Johnson as Lowery Cruthers, who provided the comic relief for the film. He was genuinely funny, causing me to bemoan his relative lack of screen time; though being a fan of New Girl may have caused me to view him as Nick Miller.

Jurassic World certainly possessed a lot of energy as well. I found the references to Jurassic Park were more than simply fan service, instead adding to the history and backstory of the narrative. Ultimately, the story kept me interested throughout, despite the scenes and aspects of the movie that stretched my imagination.

They could do with this at Seaworld

They could do with this at Seaworld

In a series of memorable set-pieces, the one from Jurassic World I’ll remember best is the scene during which the Pterosaur’s are let loose. It provides one of the most horrific deaths I have ever seen in any movie, especially as the rating is 12a; I couldn’t quite believe what I was watching! I won’t say what happens; you’ll know when you see it (it still gives me nightmares).

Overall Jurassic World is a fun action flick with a big, big budget helping it to achieve everything it attempted. It’s certainly an enjoyable film to watch, even if it lacks some substance, with the ending really letting it down.

Not as imaginative or memorable as the original, still better than the 2nd and 3rd films of the series, if you like your dinosaurs and you like this series, it is essential viewing.

My Rating: 6/10




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